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New FileHamster Product Format

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Mogware is announcing a new FileHamster product lineup that should greatly simplify the user’s purchasing/install experiences and consolidate things for better organization.

  • FileHamster Basic – Perfect for the average home user who just wants to backup files as they work.  This version contains a new setup wizard that greatly improves the user’s first-run experience making it easier than ever for less technical users to setup and run FileHamster.  Comprised of the old FileHamster +Plus features along with a few of the basic plugins all nicely packed into a single installer.
  • FileHamster Advanced – Expanding the Basic version into the perfect workflow tool which includes an impressive collection of powerful features such as advanced reporting, automatic ftp uploading, revision diffing, script triggering, revision zipping, revision replication, etc…  Comprised of the old FileHamster +plus features and nearly all of the plugins.
  • FileHamster Enterprise – Further expanding the Advanced version into an excellent small business solution for teams who share common network files including the yet-to-be released ability to run silently in the background as a Windows service .  Comprised of the old FileHamster +plus features, all of the optional plugins including the team plugin.

The new free trial version allows users to have full access to all of the Basic features for 30 days before reverting to a free version with limited features.