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Team Plugin Released

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

After a long wait Mogware has released the Team Plugin.

The FileHamster Team plugin was created with small to medium sized teams in mind. Many companies and groups have files on a network that are accessed by many different users throughout any given day. The Team Plugin allows FileHamster to keep revisions of the files on the network and display them for the entire team to see the progress. Important information is stored about who made a certain change to a file, when they made it and who is currently working on a certain file.

When using the FileHamster Team Plugin users access the shared files through the FileHamster interface. A user can lock a file and begin editing it. When they have the file locked other users are able to see in FileHamster that the file is locked, thus preventing users from accessing the file at the same time. When a user makes a revision their computer user name is recorded with that particular revision.

New FileHamster Videos

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

We now have demonstration videos for all of our FileHamster products.

The new videos give examples of the basic use of FileHamster itself and all of the available plugins that Mogware provides. These videos give users a much closer look at what exactly they can expect out of FileHamster.

“Although the videos do not come close to showing everything that can be done, they do a great job of laying the groundwork and hopefully opening the possibilities to our users.” – John Renstrom, President Mogware.