New FileHamster Product Format

September 9th, 2009

Mogware is announcing a new FileHamster product lineup that should greatly simplify the user’s purchasing/install experiences and consolidate things for better organization.

  • FileHamster Basic – Perfect for the average home user who just wants to backup files as they work.  This version contains a new setup wizard that greatly improves the user’s first-run experience making it easier than ever for less technical users to setup and run FileHamster.  Comprised of the old FileHamster +Plus features along with a few of the basic plugins all nicely packed into a single installer.
  • FileHamster Advanced – Expanding the Basic version into the perfect workflow tool which includes an impressive collection of powerful features such as advanced reporting, automatic ftp uploading, revision diffing, script triggering, revision zipping, revision replication, etc…  Comprised of the old FileHamster +plus features and nearly all of the plugins.
  • FileHamster Enterprise – Further expanding the Advanced version into an excellent small business solution for teams who share common network files including the yet-to-be released ability to run silently in the background as a Windows service .  Comprised of the old FileHamster +plus features, all of the optional plugins including the team plugin.

The new free trial version allows users to have full access to all of the Basic features for 30 days before reverting to a free version with limited features.

New Mog Pricing

February 2nd, 2009

Mogware is excited to announce its new monthly subscription pricing for ‘Mog Complete’. The new pricing starts as little as $15/month and allows developers to easily increase or decrease the desired number of seats throughout development without inhibitive middleware licensing costs.

Team Plugin Released

January 14th, 2009

After a long wait Mogware has released the Team Plugin.

The FileHamster Team plugin was created with small to medium sized teams in mind. Many companies and groups have files on a network that are accessed by many different users throughout any given day. The Team Plugin allows FileHamster to keep revisions of the files on the network and display them for the entire team to see the progress. Important information is stored about who made a certain change to a file, when they made it and who is currently working on a certain file.

When using the FileHamster Team Plugin users access the shared files through the FileHamster interface. A user can lock a file and begin editing it. When they have the file locked other users are able to see in FileHamster that the file is locked, thus preventing users from accessing the file at the same time. When a user makes a revision their computer user name is recorded with that particular revision.

New FileHamster Videos

January 8th, 2009

We now have demonstration videos for all of our FileHamster products.

The new videos give examples of the basic use of FileHamster itself and all of the available plugins that Mogware provides. These videos give users a much closer look at what exactly they can expect out of FileHamster.

“Although the videos do not come close to showing everything that can be done, they do a great job of laying the groundwork and hopefully opening the possibilities to our users.” – John Renstrom, President Mogware.

50% Off FileHamster Products

October 22nd, 2008

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of FileHamster, Mogware is cutting the prices for FileHamster +plus and all of its plugins for a limited time. If you have been waiting to upgrade, now is a great time.
FileHamster has now been used in more than 150 countries world-wide and we want to thank all of you for your support.

Mog Library Released

October 15th, 2008

Mogware Inc. is announcing the release of ‘Mog Library’, a greatly simplified version control solution that focuses on artist’s needs when storing large quantities of digital assets.

“For years, ‘Mog Library’ has been an integral part of our game pipeline and automation toolset. Because the Library’s popularity and feature set has grown, we have finally decided to introduce it as a separate stand-alone application.”- John Renstrom, President – Mogware Inc. “Artists now have another choice for version control instead of trying to use overly complicated programmer-centric solutions for managing their binary files.”

‘Mog Library’ will be sold for $99.95 per seat representing a significant savings over other products currently on the market. With its simplified interface and first-run install wizard, artists should find the product to be a refreshing alternative to other solutions used in the past.

“Modern games are 95% content and 5% code; with that kind of ratio it is a shame that artists are forced to use programmer-centric hand-me-downs to improve their efficiency.”-Kier Knowlton, Mogware. The industry is demanding powerful, cost-effective middleware solutions.

About Mog Library:

For years, ‘Mog Library’ has been an imbedded component of ‘Mog Complete’, Mogware’s game data pipeline and workflow automation toolset. Because of the Library’s growing popularity, Mogware has decided to introduce ‘Mog Library’ as a separate stand-alone product enabling art houses to enjoy the library’s feature set without the requirement of purchasing the entire ‘Mog Complete’ solution. Artists familiar with the Library have come to appreciate its simplified interface and real-time lock tracking features that can be imbedded into external editors and tools. The Library comes with an easy out-of-the-box installer and first-run wizard that will help less technical artists to be up and running in a matter of minutes without overly complex server-side setups.

About Mogware:

Founded in 2005 by game industry veterans, Mogware has years of real-world experience creating solutions for today’s complex data management and workflow automation needs. With a comprehensive suite of professional products, Mogware combines a variety of philosophies in a unique way solving many of the age-old problems of the past.

‘Mog Complete’, a team-centric automated asset pipeline released in 2006, encompasses everything a studio needs for large team development. The automated pipeline greatly simplifies the complexities of multi-platform development with powerful custom asset processing and lateral asset sharing. Mundane repetitive workflow can be fully automated down to simple one-click events making it easier and safer for the less technical team members.

FileHamster, a real-time personal revision control tool released in 2007, has grown world-wide and now enjoys a user base in more than 140 countries. Originally built for content creators, FileHamster has also been adopted by numerous other industries that commonly work with electronic documents or files.

MoxBox, a powerful multi-threaded flowchart-style data processing chain released in 2008, allows a 300,000 poly character to be reprocessed, decimated, UV remapped, texture reduced, skeleton re-rigged and finally deposited directly into an online virtual world or other target platform in a matter of moments.

Mogware’s products help studios free themselves from having to divert internal resources to develop their own internal proprietary tools that often end up becoming a significant distraction from their project’s primary focus. Mogware’s products continue to be adopted by companies throughout the industry including some of the most well respected studios.

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Replication Plugin Released

September 16th, 2008

Many times, in addition to backups of revisions, you also want to keep copies of the current files in separate locations. With the Replication Plugin, FileHamster now allows you to keep exact copies of your working versions in a different place. This can provide an extra layer of security for your files. The Replication Plugin will cost $4.95 and is available at the FileHamster Downloads page.

FileHamster Developer Bundle

August 26th, 2008

The FileHamster Developer Bundle has been released. It is a combined package of all the FileHamster products that can be purchased. This includes FileHamster Plus, the FTP Plugin, the Script Plugin and the Report Plugin. To get all of these individually would cost roughly about $70. But the Developer Bundle is sold at the discounted rate of $49.95.

The Bundle can assist greatly in al kinds of common tasks. Whether you are maintaining a website, running utilities on saved files or looking at different changes made at different times, the Developer Bundle has what ever you need. And it does it all while still keeping revisions of all your files.

FTP Plugin Released

July 23rd, 2008

As if you weren’t productive enough with FileHamster. There is now a plugin that will upload files via FTP. If you are making changes to website content or you just want to store backups of your work in a different location, the FTP Plugin will help you get the job done quicker. There are several options that will allow you to upload and store the way that you would like. There is a special introductory price from now until August 8 at $7.95. Get it Here.

Smartbomb Interactive licenses MOG

April 23rd, 2008

Mogware, Inc. today announced that Smartbomb Interactive has licensed MOG; Mogware’s automation toolset. Smartbomb will be using MOG in conjunction with its proprietary game development engine.

“As an independent game developer with a host of proprietary technology, we are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and increase the quality of our products. After our evaluation, Mogware was just that; a perfect fit for our asset management needs.”- Clark Stacy, Vice President – Smartbomb Interactive

MOG improves game development by automating the team’s workflow and removes many of the mundane, manual tasks that often lead to human error. Mogware’s technology works across a variety of commercial engines as well as any in-house proprietary engine. MOG is more than just traditional asset management as it provides workflow automation.

“We chose Mogware due to its reputation as a scalable and robust asset management and automation pipeline. We are happy with its ever increasing feature set and feel like we made a good choice for our current and future projects.”- Peter Dalton, Lead Engineer – Smartbomb Interactive

About Mogware:

Founded in 2005 by industry veterans, Mogware seeks to solve the problems facing game developers today. With tools like MOG and FileHamster, the company has a track record of providing cost-effective solutions to complex problems. “Modern games are 95% content and 5% code; with that kind of ratio it is a shame that artists are forced to use programmer-centric hand-me-downs to improve their efficiency.”-Kier Knowlton, Mogware. The industry is demanding powerful, cost-effective middleware solutions that Mogware is well-poised to supply.

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